What Is EPS Insulation ?

EPS insulation is a lightweight cellular plastic material suitable for a wide range of building-insulation applications.

The material comprises expandable beads of polystyrene pre-foamed and fused together in a steam-heated mould under pressure.

It is an excellent insulating medium which exhibits consistent thermal performance over the range of temperatures normally encountered in buildings.

The material is versatile, light in weight, clean and easy to handle, and provides a cost-effective means of including permanent insulation in floors, walls and roofs to meet, and exceed, the standards laid down in the Building Regulations

EPS insulation has significant resistance to the passage of water vapour, it should not be regarded as a dampproof membrane or vapour-control layer and will not provide a barrier against damp penetration.

EPS insulation can be used within the temperature range -150ºC to +80ºC.

Providing it is correctly installed and protected, EPS insulation will remain effective for the life of the building.


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