Mapei Planicrete - Synthetic Rubber Latex 25kg

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Mapei Planicrete 25kg
Mapei Planicrete 25kg is Synthetic rubber latex for improving adhesion of cementitious mortars. 
Planicrete is a latex based on synthetic polymers, which cannot be re-emulsified in water after hardening and are also resistant to saponification.

When added to mortars, screeds and renders it increases mechanical strength and adhesion to the substrate.
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • High strength cement mix
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High compressive and flexural strengths
  • For the preparation of adhesive slurries, dilute 1 part of Planicrete with 1 part of water, while for the preparation of renders and screeds, dilute 1 part of Planicrete with 2 or 3 parts of water, before mixing it with cement and aggregates
After setting and hardening, cementitious mixes with added Planicrete have the following properties:
• better adhesion to substrates;
• higher compressive and flexural strengths;
• higher resistance to abrasion;
• higher impermeability;
• better resistance to freeze-thaw cycles;
• better resistance to diluted acids, saline solutions and oils
Mapei Planicrete can be used as an admixture to improve the mechanical and adhesive characteristics of cement-based screeds, renders and thin smoothing layers. It can also be used as an admixture for highly adhesive cement bonding slurries.

• High strength cement screeds for interior and exterior use.
• Cementitious bonding slurry for installing natural stone using the Mapestone system.
• High strength cement renders for interiors and exteriors.
• Cementitious bonding slurry to improve adhesion of conventional bonded screeds and screeds made from Mapecem     Pronto or Topcem Pronto.
• Bonding slurry made from Mapecem or Topcem to improve adhesion of bonded screeds made from the same types of   binder.
• Adhesive shotcretes for bonding renders.
• Cement mortars for filling holes, reconstructing damaged areas and finishing surfaces on buildings and precast concrete elements.
• Cementitious mortar for finishing off surfaces subjected to high levels of abrasion (industrial floors, ramps, channels) and for integrating small areas of worn floors.


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