Parex Axel 3000 20ltr

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Size: 20Ltr - Price Per Tub
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  • Parex Axel 3000 20ltr
  • Axel 3000 is an admixture used to reduce the initial setting time of one-coat renders and other general mortars.
  • Add AXEL 3000 directly to the mixing water and mix with the render. Replace 0.2L - 0.3L of water
  • volume for mixing a 25kg or 30kg bag, with 0.2L - 0.3L of AXEL 3000, mixing the water and AXEL 3000 together first before mixing with the render.
  • When AXEL 3000 is used, always add the same amount to all mixes used on the project and ensure that a whole facade is coated as there is likely to be a colour shade difference should the AXEL 3000 only be used in part of the facade mix.
  • Avoid adding more than the stated quantities as this may affect the fi nish, performance and colour of the render.
  • For guidance only, the setting time advantage when used at the recommended dosage rate is between 1½ to 2 hours at 5°C.
  • This information is provided as guidance only.
  • 1 to 2 litres for the normal capacity of a spray render machine (mix of 6 x 30 kg bags) depending on weather conditions.
  • Adding more than the recommended AXEL 3000 will not produce a faster setting time.
  • An excessive mixing ratio may be detrimental to the application and overall appearance of the product.
  • A preliminary test is recommended.
  • In cold weather, the ‘Conditions of use’ for one-coat renders must be respected when using AXEL 3000.
  •  Renders must not be applied on frozen or thawing substrates or when there is a risk of the substrate freezing over.
  • The use of AXEL 3000 is designed only to assist in reducing the initial setting time for one-coat render systems during cold weather periods.
  • The product may have less of an effect in highly damp
  • AXEL 3000 is NOT an Antifreeze.

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