Pliteq PMI Perimeter Strip 50 Linear Metres

PliteqCODE: BMD01036

Size: W0.12m x L50m x D5mm - Price Per Roll
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Product Information

Flat, resilient, extruded polyethylene foam perimeter isolation strip that is used to build a tub around the floor so that no hard surface (floor covering) touches any hard vertical surface (protrusion or wall).
To be attached at the base of the perimeter wall of the entire subfloor, as well as around the perimeter of any protrusions, prior to unrolling and installing GenieMat® underlayment products, in order to isolate or break the vibration transmission path between the floor and the wall
Reduces noise flanking in acoustic isolated assemblies
Easy to unroll, cut and install
Size: W0.12m x L50m x D5mm
Weight: 0.765kg

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