Premium C16 CLS Stud Timber 2400mm x 68mm x 38mm finished (3x2)


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Premium C16 Carcassing Timber is kiln-dried structural graded softwood that is most commonly used where a grading stamp is required. Mainly used in the construction of floor joists, roof joists and timber framing, it can also be used in many other applications both internally and externally.
Graded to C16 for use in construction where load bearing and support is required, our easy-edge range of C16 Carcassing Timber has the same strength class as traditional sawn C16 Carcassing Timber. Due to the radiused (bevelled) edges and smoother machined finish, it is also easier to handle.
Kiln Dried timber has been heated in a controlled environment to steadily reduce the amount of water in the wood to a set moisture content level – this is usually 20% to 24%. Kiln dried timber is lighter due to this and as the wood dries it also becomes stronger.
Regularised timber has gone through a machine which rounds the edges and smooths the faces and sides of the piece. This operation uniforms the finished size which will usually be 5mm less than stated on both the face and width.
Carcassing is a generic trade term which refers to the use of a species of timber. Spruce/Pine and Fir are used to form floors, walls, ceilings and roofs of properties for example. 

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