Underfloor Heating Double Groove Aluminium Diffusion Plate 1000 x 390mm

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Size: Price Per Plate - Sold In Boxes Of 40 x Plates
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Underfloor Heating Double Groove Aluminium Diffusion Plate 1000 x 390mm
  • CapThis water underfloor heating spreader plate pack comprises of 40 x Aluminium UFH Double Spreader Plates 1000 x 390mm to suit pipe diameters 16mm with 200mm centres.
  • Each aluminium spreader plate has performed groves for UFH pipes at 200 mm centres.
  • This water underfloor heating aluminium spreader plate pack of 40 floor plates will cover a floor area of 15.60 m²
  • 1000mm x 390mm x 0.5g double UFH spreader plate also known as aluminium diffusion plates for suitable for  16mm underfloor heating pipes.
  • The UFH spreader plates are suitable for suspended floor systems and are fitted on top of floor joists or battens at the standard 400mm centres (should the joist spaces vary this can be usually overcome on site).
  • The double groove ufh spreader plates have preformed channels with pipe centres of 200 mm, the spreader plate can be nailed, screwed or stapled onto the top of the floor joist.
  • The metal spreader plates are one of the most effective ways by giving a homogeneous heat transfer to the underside of wooden floor – floor boards.
  • With aluminium like most metals it makes an excellent heat conductor and transfers the heat efficiently to the underside of the floor board.
  • The aluminium underfloor heating spreader plates will give the UFH heat output of 77 watts per m2 at room temperature 20 deg. Celsius with a floor temperature of 27 deg Celsius.
  • Any variation on either the these two temperatures this will vary the heat output ( or -) from the underfloor heating system.
  • We recommend that the ufh spreader plate sits tightly beneath the floorboards giving direct contact which will offer the maximum heat transfer from your underfloor heating system.
  • Insulation should be fitted directly beneath the spreader plate.
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